1. Alec

    Killing options (good decisions are fine, we call them intelligent defaults) is one of the worst ever policies at WordPress, making for a tool which is slowly nearly unuseable out of the box (as you need so many plugins to get up to speed). Great that John James Jacoby is breaking out of the self-imposed straitjacket.

    Particularly as anyone using BuddyPress in seriousness will either have development chops or working with someone who does.


  2. Vibethemes

    Awesome ! This is very good news !


  3. Robert

    I think we can and should continue to strive to have a great out-of-the-box experience, but we should be OK with deciding to emphasize the developer and site-assembler experience when the two are in conflict.

    If only WP would follow the same philosophy… or at least treat devs and site-assemblers a bit better.


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