1. Zack Katz
    · Reply

    Pushing to release anything December 24 sounds like a recipe for pain.

    Christmas. Then New Years.

    Why not bump to December 27 or January 6?


    • Miroslav Glavic
      · Reply

      First of all, Christmas is on December 25 technically speaking.
      Though, technically speaking when it is December 25 in Auckland New Zealand…in Toronto, Canada it is still December 24 (18 hour difference).

      Anyways….No one celebrates Christmas on December 24. Technically speaking December 24 is Christmas Eve, not really a holiday.

      Next Orthdox/Eastern Christmas is January 7.

      Just like I don’t celebrate Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and so forth holidays. I don’t celebrate Geographical holidays and so forth.

      If a release of WP, BP, or whatever else in the WP universe…….comes out on a holiday for you…update the next day.

      Just like if I am on Christmas holiday somewhere in a cottage/airbnb during the week of December 24-ish…I’ll update when I get back.

      Also, don’t so many people have automatic updates? so the release date does not really matter, does it?


      • Isabel
        · Reply

        I agree with your general point – I don’t mind if updates are released on holidays. Just update after the holiday, or enable automatic updates before. BUT I want to point out that it’s wrong that, “No one celebrates Christmas on December 24.” Indeed, many people do celebrate Christmas on December 24. Especially people from some Latin and European countries.


        • Zack Katz
          · Reply

          I wasn’t saying they shouldn’t release on Christmas Eve because of religious reasons! Just for the added stress of doing anything right before a day many people take off.

          My point was: Don’t ship on Fridays!


        • Ron Suarez
          · Reply

          For Latinos the big celebration is actually Christmas Eve and it is called Noche Buena.


          • Miroslav Glavic
            · Reply

            As a Latino from my mother’s side (yes I know I have an Eastern European name – dad’s side)……..two days celebration would be for one side of the family, then on Christmas (25) the other half.

            Noche Buena = Good Night. Noche = Night, Buena = Good.

            Noche Buena is not Navidad. (Navidad = Christmas).

            The original comment I replied to called December 24 as Christmas, it’s not Christmas.

            Also, Not all Latinos celebrate Christmas. There are non-Christian Latinos.

            Saying no on Christmas Eve/Day, New Year’s Eve/Day, Easter, etc…is sort of imposing Christian/Catholic holidays on others.

            In average there are 5 holidays per month when you include other religions. Plus in average 2 more special days based on Country….July 1 (Canada Day), July 4 (US Independence Day).

            The other roughly 190 countries have their own Independence Day or similar holidays.

            Shall we not put out a WordPress version on a Sunday? That’s Church day for me and most Catholics. It’s my special day.
            Friday and Saturday are special days for other religions.

            Are you getting my point?


      • Anders
        · Reply

        Anyways….No one celebrates Christmas on December 24.

        Chiming in to let you know that Christmas celebrations are held on Christmas Eve in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and a handful of other countries.


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