1. leokoo

    great news :) with more integrations, WordPress plugins will shine as we’re able to do more things with it.

    Hopefully BuddyBoss do consider building extensions so that we can launch dating sites with it :D


  2. S. Panda

    Now if only someone could make a decent forum which integrates seamlessly with BuddyPress. bbPress is like using bad forum software written in the 1990s.


  3. arikjohnson

    Really love the look of Social Learner, well done!

    We’ve tried using LearnDash but it doesn’t play well with MultiSite – I’d like a subsite to be our learning community, but LD forces it to run on the Main site only.

    Does anyone know, can Sensei perhaps be made to use a subsite for the LMS? We’d love to have Social Learner working as the primary UI for our online learning community.


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