1. Richard Rottman

    Genesis isn’t a theme, it’s a framework.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Just noting for clarity:

      Framework is a broad term that encompasses many things. For the purposes of the article and readers who may not be familiar with the ambiguity that exists around the term “framework” within the WordPress space, it is factual to refer to it as a theme.


  2. Sajan Kota

    Genesis is the first theme i have ever used for a custom WordPress client project few years back. Sad to see that brian gardner is stepping down from StudioPress . However the title of blog post brian gardner has in StudioPress blog says “(Not) a Final Goodbye “. Hopefully we will more of brian in future maybe in a different project related to WordPress.


  3. Anh Tran

    Genesis is one of the best theme framework I’ve ever seen. It taught me a lot when I first learned theming and building something flexible.

    Wish you all the best in your next adventure, Gardner.


  4. Immanuel

    one of the theme i have used and enjoyed using it was Genesis. i still cant believe that brian gardner is finally letting go. i know you guys will definitely come up with a project any time soon.


  5. Alexander Shenkar

    It was just a few weeks ago when Brian published a public post expressing cautious optimism about the future of Genesis under WP Engine’s stewardship, and the promising future plans. I agree that Genesis is a community. So whose in charge of the community now? Doesn’t seem it’d be the same without Brian.


    • Brian Gardner

      As far as I am concerned, the community has always been in charge of the community. I have never wanted it to be any different than that, and have shared in my announcement that I plan on still being active within the community. In other words, I’m not (really) going anywhere.


  6. Michael Edwin

    Will all due respects to Brian regarding his “biggest regret”, I’m shocked that the answer is leaving money on the table instead of consistently improving and innovating the product.

    My agency has created literally hundreds of websites and many, many years ago, we chose Genesis specifically because it had an LTD. If it didn’t, we could have selected something else that did. At the time, there were many choices, as there is today.

    Ultimately, we gave up on Genesis about 2-3 years ago because we felt it was abandoned.

    I think, Brain, your biggest regret should be that you let themes like Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP, and others eat your lunch.

    Furthermore, the Genesis 3 launch, at least for us, has been a bit of a disaster with every few point releases breaking or messing up the vast majority of the 3 dozen Genesis sites we still maintain.

    Genesis 3.0.0 removed a number of .php template pages and then 3.0.1 restored them. Honestly, what were you guys thinking?

    Also, thanks for finally adding footers to the Customizer. Welcome to 2015. That also messed up many of our client sites.

    You know what the dollar cost for Genesis 3 has been for us?

    Maybe that should be your biggest regret…what Genesis updates have cost your clients, not how much more money you could have made.

    I know these issues aren’t unique to us as I see a lot of comments on your Facebook group, forums, etc. Eventually, all our Genesis sites will be redesigned/rebuilt using something other than Genesis.


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