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Brian Gardner who is famously known for his Revolution Themes and also the guy behind his new venture, StudioPress will be my special guest on this Fridays edition of WordPress Weekly. I plan on grilling Brian about premium themes, just a question or two about the GPL, his business model, StudioPress and much more. If you have a question you would like to have me ask Brian, please put it in the comments or better yet, place it in this forum thread.


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  1. @Will Anderson – I have amended the post. Sometimes I use words because they sound good but after looking up the definition of the word ‘infamous’ I realized the big mistake I made :(. Thanks for catching that.

  2. Here’s a question that I think many people would be interested in hearing Brian answer:

    “A couple of days ago, Andy Peatling announced in the BuddyPress forums that he will definitely be releasing a version of BuddyPress for regular WordPress i.e. a version that does not need a complicated WPMU installation. Removing that barrier is clearly going to hugely increase the adoption of BuddyPress by regular bloggers; does Brian have any plans to release a StudioPress theme for BuddyPress to capitalize on that?”

    BuddyPress is shaping up to be a game-changer but I think we’d all like to see Brian apply his special touch to it’s visual side.

  3. This isn’t really a question on my mind, but one that may go though some customers minds: Do the Studio Press Themes have WordPress hooks?

    Are these theme for everyone or is there a knowledge requirement or limitations to how customized they can get without editing files?
    Is he going to release a framework?
    What kind of options should a theme have?
    Where should theme developers draw the line between theme functions and plugins? How could themes be more customizable with plugins if they don’t have or use the right WordPress hooks?
    Is the GPL the right license? Do the general users get the GPL?
    Are themes getting too complex for one person to manage? What are Brian’s views on modular code? How does he manage upgrades or plan on managing upgrading dozens of themes when WordPress updates?


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