1. WPezDeveloper

    Looked at the repos briefly – perhaps too briefly? – but if these are used in individual plugins, that is individual instances of Composer, how are conflicts prevented? Especially across version of the same class?

    For example, I believe WebDev Studio’s CMB2 had something to prevent conflicts across plugins integrating CMB2. But I don’t see any reference to something like that here.


  2. WPezDeveloper

    p.s. For bespoke dev, I put my library in mu-plugins. With an autoloader, that code – to anything “down stream” – effectively becomes an extension of core. That is, “stuff” that’s just there. Always.

    If WP were to develop a dependency manager of some sort, mu-plugins would be the ideal home.


  3. Clifford Paulick

    I LOVE this approach and am going to use some of these packages in my plugin boilerplate, which has caused me to think more along these lines as well for my own custom code.

    Thanks for making the WP dev world a better place. Expect me in your GitHub Issues/PRs in the future ;)


    • Jakub Mikita

      Clifford, you are more than welcome! Please reach out once you integrate, it might be a good idea to link to another real life usage.

      This is the beauty of open-source 😎


  4. Jakub Mikita

    Thank you Justin for writing about the Micropackage project!

    Hopefully we’ll see the PHP dependency management some day in core, that would make our lives so much easier.


  5. Classgist

    Really love these packages. Looking forward to integrating them into my projects.


  6. Cameron Jones

    Hey this looks cool. Seems I’m not the only one hoping for package management in WordPress


  7. Anh Tran

    This is really cool and I think this should be encouraged in the WordPress community. We are lacking good packages and a central package management for WordPress. Using Composer and packages like this will improve the productivity, development speed and product quality.

    Hopefully, more packages are released in the future! Good work!


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