1. Aliv Faizal Muhammad

    I can’t imagine how tough it is to secure the WordPress site.


    • Ciprian Popescu

      It’s not tough at all, if you know what you’re doing. It’s the same as securing any other CMS out there.


    • Pierre Balian

      If you are super security focused I have a foolproof method:

      ssh into your server as root, and runchattr -R +i public_html/

      This changes all file and directory file attributes to immutable, meaning the files cannot be changed, added to, or deleted. Since pretty much all exploits rely on the ability to add or modify files on your server its pretty effective. When you want to run plugin or core updates you just have to shell in and remove the attribute.

      chattr -R -i public_html/


  2. Jonah Brown

    I’m a bit surprised they go with decoupling WordPress. That would have created a layer of separation with the CMS (can be more secure) and would help with the server loads with the 2.5 billions views. Just a thought.


  3. Brian Coogan

    Not actually that hard to secure a WordPress site, just gotta have some basic competence. The corker is taking away write access to the fs, though keeping themes and plugins current, and keeping to good plugins and themes, helps a lot.


  4. Shay.

    WordPress is crazy good platform, I don’t know why people raise these issues.


  5. Anderson Tyler

    I truly love WordPress and I give it a (five stars) rate because it is simpler and good to use.


  6. Aliv Faizal Muhammad

    I am very dependant on many plugins. Almost all my WordPress site that use many plugins experience being attacked by url injection, adding lots of index paged written in korean, chinese, etc.

    My other wordpress sites that are just for blogging, without any additional plugins, stay healthy.

    I think Ciprian and Brian are right.


  7. Scores aren’t that high!

    People, stop running Lighthouse tests locally or throw powerful VMs from GTMetrix. Use web.dev or PageSpeed insights and get lab data that is closer to the real world. Performance scores aren’t that high, people don’t use dev desktop machines and wired internet like the place from which you run your benchmarks!


  8. DJ Johnny Medley
  9. Victor

    WordPress still remains the best CMS on the market. SEO-friendly, flexible, and quite performant compared with its competitors.


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