1. Mark Haynes

    A fast and professional looking website. Done very well, the best! A good day for WordPress! Reflects the President-elect and the Vice President-elect perfectly. Glad!


  2. Allie

    This website is fantastic. The team are really professional. Well done 🐼


  3. Steve

    It’s not just Biden and Harris.

    WordPress powered dozens of candidates this year. All four Georgia candidates Senate. Both candidates in Iowa, Michigan, Arizona and more:https://publishpress.com/blog/wordpress-us-election/


  4. will

    The agency did a great job of making it look not like a typical WordPress install; it’s accessible, and I find it aesthetically pleasing and functional.

    Although there’s no one size fits all experience for any page builder or editor,
    that even after 18 months after being made the default editing experience for WordPress, Gutenberg isn’t being used to build higher-profile websites like this, displays how far it still has to reach adoption by the greater community and to feature parity with php templates.


    • Otto

      Parts of it do use the block editor. I grant you, it’s very customized, and thus very subtle. But if you look close enough, you can find it.


    • David Artiss

      Hi Will.

      Although I can’t speak for this site, some of of the largest sites on the internet, that use WordPress, are using the block editor.


  5. Mary Job

    Beautiful. Wow, a good one for WP.


  6. Joe A Simpson Jr

    No matter which side of the aisle you sit, it is SO COOL (on two levels) – that the President-Elect’s site was done in @WordPress AND in the footer is an Accessibility Statement. Many site builders don’t realize how important this declaration is onsite. Look’s like Joe Dolson’s WP Accessibilty plugin was used as well! Go #wordpress and #a11y!


  7. Rodney B

    Performing just 19 requests?!?! Huzzah! An attainable goal for us all.


  8. DJ Johnny Medley

    Another stunning gem that’s not in the WordPress Showcase (https://wordpress.org/showcase/). BTW, the Tavern is “on fire!”


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