1. Rick

    Actually I think I like WordPress better than most craft beers I have tried.

    Call me “ole’ school”. Alot of these brews with all forms of whatever can be tossed into em and cooked seem rather defeating the idea.

    Labatts Ice is nice. Brewed with carbon I hear, very good at settling an upset tum tum. Same Adams has some decent varieties though the original is my fave.


    • Aaron Hockley

      Labatts Ice and Sam Adams?



      • Rick

        Labatts Ice is the only Ice beer I like. I’ve had many craft beers, I like beer to taste like beer not with honey and flowers and melons and berries and sox. The “up crowd” likes this/that usually. For example, out to dinner with the gal and kid and her friend. I buy a Sam Adams Oktoberfest. Its ok, fair at best. Take it or leave it. His friend goes “Ewwwww” and orders Blue Moon. So, next round I order a Blue Moon. I’ve drank alot of different beers over the past 35 years of adulthood. I give it a 4 on a 10 scale. Its so weak in flavor, no body… nuthin’.

        Wheat beer, worst stuff I think I ever had.

        Some of the English beers, very good. My brother was stationed over in the UK and Europe in the Air Force many moons back. When he came back he and I used to go get some suds and he’d have me try this and that. Many times warm. Alot of them really pretty darned fine. Here in the USA we like to try be “Esoteric” on so many things, devices, phones, toys and flavors. Probably part of the reason alot of the world these days go, “US who?”. Even our television choices are just completely in outer space. The Walking Dead. #1 popular show. What in fact it is? Simply gore based kids stuff. Its like what I saw in theaters when I was 14.

        I am sure there are some great craft beers out there. I have yet to have one.

        I dont sway on whats popular in nuthin’ as whats “in” in scant time goes out replaced by some other marketing ploy. Its really astonishing actually. Once a person really understands marketing all you see, all over the place is marketings fingerprints on everything and alot of folks falling for it. Its like pollen. I am not talking about the in ones face stuff all too common on TV or in stores. I am talking about the more subtle ones that impact the sub conscience in as much as conscience. Its sorta brainwash but not. Its literally all over the place now like ants.


  2. oligopoly

    Labatts Ice? LABATTS ICE?! What’s wrong with ya, man?!


  3. Chriss Benitez

    BEST plugin EVER as a homebrewer <3 just love it


  4. Jeffrey

    “Craft beer and WordPress are a magical combination.”

    I thought coffee and WP are a magical combination.


  5. Rick

    I cant mix beer with programming or web work. I end up with Preegrambring when I look at my work the next day.


  6. Tara

    I created my own CPT for the beers on my client’s website: http://dogfishalehouse.com


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