1. jotrys

    from the post:
    “Drupal class attendees : they tend to think $299 is dirt-cheap. They’re accustomed to paying much more.
    Joomla class attendees: they tend to think the $299 cost of the class is about right.
    Wordpress class attendees: they tend to think $299 is a real stretch.”

    What I wonder is if this same expectation that customers that want a (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) website would have?

    Good post.


  2. esses

    Re: pricing analysis.

    Having worked with all 3 systems, it might also be fair to consider that people are willing to pay more if they are “learning” more. The learning curve to get started with each of these cms’s is pretty much in the same order.


  3. Steve

    Hi jotrys – I hesitate to guess as its been a couple of years since we were actively building website for clients, but our experience was that the Drupal sites always ended up costing more to build the Joomla or WordPress sites. Drupal had higher-end customers with more needs and deeper pockets.

    Hi Esses – yes, you may be right. WordPress might just be too easy for live training classes to have much traction. I’ve heard quite a lot of customers of commercial CMS customers complain that they’re getting gouged … the harder the CMS is to learn, the more money the CMS vendor makes. The extra difficulty of using Joomla and Drupal does add to the cost.


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