1. Emil Uzelac

    Congratulations, that’s huge!


  2. Robby

    Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for covering this milestone. It’s been an exciting few days here. We’re big fans of the Tavern, and we’re thrilled to see our name in the WordPress Dashboard News. How fun! :)


  3. Brent

    Congrats to the Fastline team! In interactions I’ve had with them, they’ve been real pros and Beaver Builder is a great product. They deserve every success.


  4. David Waumsley

    Such great news. Beaver Builder is a phenomenal tool and just keeps getting better.

    The way the team look after their fans and supporter sets them apart. I raise my glass to them.


  5. Peter Shaw

    It might the a very good page builder, but page builders are never the answer. The fact this product successful is actually kind of depressing.


  6. Ömer Faruk Ekinci

    Wow! This is a very good idea, we chased this idea for 2 years.


    • Peter Shaw

      Page builders are a terrible idea and harm WordPress in the long term as they break content and design separation.


      • Justin Busa

        While we do offer design options within our modules, we try our best to keep that simple and leave the majority of design decisions up to the theme. I think that’s a big part of the reason why we’ve been embraced by developers where other page builders have not.

        Give it a shot (lite version is on w.org) and let us know what we could do better there :) We’re always open to feedback from the community!


      • KTS915

        @Peter Shaw,

        I agree 100%!

        At Justin Busa’s suggestion here, I just tried out the free version. Ugh! It’s like going back to using Microsoft Word for wordprocessing. I gave that up years ago because it just encouraged finger-painting, and Beaver Builder is just the same. No thanks!


  7. WPVKP

    Page builders are good for those who love to design and beautify their website with images, videos, sliders and good looking web fonts or custom fonts. But they are seriously not good for those who care about site speed, image optimization, user experience and SEO.

    I am not saying that you should not try page builders, but you should not try them when you know how to make changes to your theme manually.


    • Bille

      How does one make changes to their theme manually ?

      What is a good theme to use to make changes to manually?

      Does the Beaver Builder ”blank page” option be good for customizing, image optimization and still be fast ?


  8. Puneet Sahalot

    Beaver Builder is truly one of the fantastic page builders I have used till date. The underlying code is solid. They have an extensible and easy to use API for developers to build custom Modules.
    Custom modules make it easier for web developers to build a website for their clients which can be easily managed by an average technical user.


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