1. Anh Tran

    bbPress is great in term of simplicity. The more I use it, the more I feel I don’t need to many extra features. It’s stable and good.

    Thanks for your hard work, JJJ!


  2. Scott Hack

    The timing of this is great. It is a reminder that I need to give consideration to bbPress again as an option. I’ve been looking at forum options to see if I could move some traffic from a FB group I run into a forum where things could be organized and searched more efficiently.


  3. Sander van Dragt

    Any site that builds a community and wants to keep control over the platform is be a potential user of bbpress. It should be perfect for publishers wanting to graduate article comments to something more robust and manageable ala Ars Technica where each article is the start of a forum thread. I’m confused why bbpress appears to not be a good fit.


  4. Pete Davenport

    I’ve long used BBPress for everything forum-related. I know there are other options out there, but anytime I need a forum on a WordPress site, I go with BBPress. It so organic and fits in so well.


  5. John Koch

    I love bbPress on every side. Have used it on my website, everything was fine except that my audience was more on facebook and don’t like the sign-up stuff and public discussions. So, i followed them.

    Anyway, i will still come back to it in my next project as it has got more cool features and interesting stuff.


  6. Vitor Madeira

    There should be a bit more investment in bbPress comming from the same company that runs WordPress.com.


  7. Ryan Hellyer

    I love forums, but I mostly use Discord, Slack etc. instead these days because they’re usually easier to get engagement on (presumably because they’re familiar and people get to use the same platform they use for everything else). I still see a long-term need for forum software though, as the third party systems are not always the perfect tool for the job.

    I think part of the reason for lack of engagement from the community directly with bbPress though, is simply a lack of need. Most of the core features of bbPress are there and functional. In my experience, it’s just a matter of install and forget. There are little theme related features, but much of the extra stuff you’d want to add, are directly related with WordPress, not bbPress. Even basic registration/login stuff is a WordPress thing, not a bbPress thing these days.


    • Vitor Madeira

      When I realise that so many of us rely on closed source solutions, I feel a bit scared…
      Even WordPress.org that should be a flagship for the “open web” relies so much on Slack.
      That is so odd… :(


    • Scott Hack

      Ryan, I am not an expert in this space. But I started doing a lot of research about online forums and hubs to build a community around and there are several dozen players in this space. Mostly with a hosted solution. I have to think that because there are still several dozen people in this space that there is innovation and features that could be made to improve the overall product.


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