1. Chad Schulz

    I agree. The development is simply too slow. I had to abandon bbpress for something being advanced more aggressively. As of 2016, bbpress seems a bit too “retro” for true functionality.

    I’ve switched my discussion forums/comments over to a discourse based site. With the wp-discourse plugin (available on github) I’m able to integrate WordPress commenting into the forum site with little effort.

    Discourse is a highly evolved (and fast performing) open-sourced platform on a quick development cycle. Has all the features I needed with plenty of community driven add-ons available.



    • Sebastian Cork

      I agree with the you and Jeff both on this subject. When I was first introduced to the idea of “forum posts as comments” it was around the time that XenForo had been announced.

      I’ve often wondered why bbPress receives a lesser degree of support compared to WordPress when it would I think it would be a game changer if the development was more active. The same goes for BuddyPress. These two plugins a create a ton of possibilities for WordPress as a CMS/Forum/Social Network.


      • Paul

        I think that the people in charge simply don’t care about expanding WordPress beyond the blogging mold they are comfortable in.


      • Doofus

        BuddyPress has had plenty of releases in recent times. It seems to have sucked the life from bbPress?

        I was actually one of a number of people who donated money to JJJ through a fund raising campaign in the hope to kick start some bbPress development but sadly no release came out of it.

        I’d like to think at least some of that time was spent on bbPress as promised.

        Anyway, this is still great news and as a bbPress fan – good job guys!


  2. Pascal

    First of all I must say I have no idea where the ‘later this year’ is coming from. The current 2.6-alpha version is extremely stable and already used by a number of people (including myself) without issues. So I would more say ‘in the next months’, now that some items have been pushed to 2.7.

    Seeing the bbPress support forums where people ask how to migrate from other forums towards bbPress and the 300k+ active installs it’s probably not that retro. As hooks and filters are available at almost every place, the number of add-ons is still growing every day (see mine :-) ), so capabilities are being extended.

    So checking what already exist elsewhere, what people like in other forums, what the community is expecting and then enter it into core is where the focus could go in 2.7 and 2.8, but let’s all get to 2.6 first ! Anyway all developers can propose any code to add, that’s the whole idea, no ?


  3. Vitor Madeira

    I’m close to migrate a very important forum from vBulltin into bbPress (and probably some areas with BuddyPress), and just hope this project gets a bit more attention inside the WordPress ecosystem.

    I also get the idea that someone (probably) in charge, seems to don’t care much about expanding WordPress beyond the traditional “blogging” mold they seem to be comfortable in.

    (although I know that BuddyPress and even WordPress are being given some major new features in the last few weeks, but the most important part where communities need to join around an internet forum is really missing some bits of attention.)

    But, I’m with you guys: crossing fingers hopping things will get faster as soon as possible.


  4. Miroslav Glavic

    I am still going to be using PHPBB. BBPress is so featureless comparing. catch up PLEASE.


  5. Stagger Lee

    I wrote about all this on support forum. To not repeat all here.


    Weak point is third party plugins taking very crucial functions for one forum script. And some developers have even not logged in, or wrote a comment on WP support forum, for 4-5 years. Many bbPress plugins were “one client project need”, and later nobody is interrested in them.

    I mean I dont decide how forum world is developing. If I had power I would probably as dictator forbid stupid Facebook.

    It is as it is. Forum software develop in this direction, and bbPress is lagging very long behind.


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