1. Miroslav Glavic

    FCC = USA

    No US Congress person or other american politician will listen to me (Canadian) or any non-usa person. In fact, they won’t listen to other americans that are outside their constituency.


  2. frank

    Would be great if there was a share link available for the Vimeo video.


  3. Nick

    Just added the script to our three websites.

    We’re a small ISP from the UK and we all here think net neutrality is the key to the success of the net. Getting rid of such a thing will an act of madness and highly detrimental.


  4. Michal M.

    Crazy murica.
    Can’t people change their ISP? You have only the big ones?
    It will be instant death sentence to any ISP where I live if they started to do something like this.


    • Nick

      ISP’s tend to run over others network (with peering) so changing ISP doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be evading the problem.

      To get to a site that’s not on the ISP’s network a the ISP need to peer with other networks to make them connections. Even if you’re not directly peered with a network you can hop through others until you get to where you’re going.

      If a server is on let’s say Comcasts network, then they can with non-net neturality basically be d**ks and limit connections, charge extra to be in a ‘fast lane’ and so forth. Since these companies networks are so big and hold many major websites this can have an affect on the whole worlds web experiance.

      This is unfair… Everyone deserves to be in the fastlane with mutual benefit of if we peer with you, then you can peer with us and thus everything is good and the world keeps happily spinning. :)


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