1. Derin Tolu

    Well this is a surprise. I really thought it would have been rocket.chat that created this kind of wordpress marriage, but Riot is a great option. Pretty difficult to set up on your own, but its getting easier with platforms like Cloudron and YunoHost. Excited!!


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    This looks quite exciting.


  3. Andreas Lopez

    Considering UI Likeness and such, New Vector / Riot should look into absorbing Discord into their ecosystem. Then you would gain a huge social media-esque population into your system while just having put one of the most benefiting groups of individuals (gamers) into a decentralized platform.


    • Julian Montague

      “Absorbing” Discord would be more like “convincing” Discord. New Vector is tiny compared to Discord; compare New Vector’s $18.1M total funding to Discord’s >$200M. Not to mention the disparity in usage numbers between Riot and Discord (see https://discord.com/company for stats).

      I heard about Matrix for the first time this year, and I hope it is the future of messaging. But this is like suggesting diaspora* or mastodon “look into absorbing” Facebook or Twitter. I would guess that platforms used by developers (I’ve used Slack and Gitter myself) are the best point of entry for Matrix.


  4. Dick

    Well, BLM already uses RIOT for private, decentralized communication already so there’s that.


  5. Shame

    missed. The utopia ecosystem has already created its own product


  6. Paal Joachim Romdahl

    I feel there is a lot of potential here! A lot of exploration will very likely happen!


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