1. David Carrero
    · Reply

    Great news and proud to be a small Frontity investor as well.


  2. Jake Jackson
    · Reply

    Congrats to Pablo and Luis on the exit! Since they aren’t going to be working on Frontity anymore, this sounds more like a hiring bonus with some extra steps than an acquisition. That’s certainly a useful strategy for hiring new talent for Automattic in the current client, especially when they’ve so many open positions right now.


  3. Al
    · Reply

    I’ve run a web design house developing WordPress sites for clients for the past twelve years and I fail to see all the fuss being made over ‘headless.’

    It is an awful lot of work and coding just to save a second or two of loading time.

    Also, WordPress stays rather stable for a long time while the tooling necessary for “headless” changes from month to month.

    Frontity is the current Javascript framework / library flavor of the month but it will be replaced next month by another… which will be replaced by another.

    When WordPress (Automatic) buys or develops a framework or library that will be maintained as “core” or integrated into it, that is when my shop will pay attention to the “headless” paradigm.


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