Jeff Chandler

Episode 11 of WordPress weekly features a one hour interview with Small Potato, formerly of We’ll be talking about his inspiration that lead him to creating themes in WordPress, why he chose to work with WordPress and not another publishing platform, the reasons for WPDesigner going up for sale, (more…)

On this weeks episode we discuss color schemes and admin themes for WordPress 2.5, WordPress 2.5 is delayed, up for sale and more. Panel Members: Michael Castilla of Ronald Huereca of Patricia Mayo of Jeremy Clarke of Ptah Dunbar of Jacob Santos of (more…)

Join us for Episode 9 where we’ll discuss the Buddy Press acquisition, Gravatars with and without a plugin, Ebay decided to use WordPress?. We’ll mention the WordPress icon pack and the February wrap up. Panel Members: Brad of Ronald Huereca of Jacob Santos of Patricia Mayo (more…)

I haven’t been inside the feed reader too much this week because of the redesign of this blog. But this week, we have a wide variety of news topics to cover, including the release of WordPress 2.3.3. Sony gives back to the community with two custom coded WordPress plugins, one (more…)

This week there is a ton of stuff to talk about. We have the bombshell that was dropped the other day noting that Matt and Toni of Automattic secured a Series B round of funding for $29.5 million dollars. That last part will actually be discussed on Episode 4. Then (more…)

I really apologize for this weeks show. I wasn’t as prepared as I should of been and overall, it’s just been one hell of a week. There will be no WordPress Weekly Episode Three for the week of January 13th. However, the next episode of WordPress Weekly will be on (more…)