Jeff Chandler

In this action packed episode of WordPress Weekly, Keith and I dissect the news of the week. Jacob Santos was cool enough to call in to confirm that Andrew Rickmanns idea of placing a configure link inside of the plugin management panel would be included in the core. Also, he (more…)

In this highly optimized episode of WordPress Weekly, I interviewed Michael Torbert who is more commonly known as hallsofmontezuma throughout the WordPress community. He is now the developer of the most popular plugin in the plugin repository, the All In One SEO pack. We discuss what it’s like to maintain (more…)

Episode 23 of WordPress Weekly is now ready for your consumption. In this episode, Keith and I discuss the IntenseDebate acquisition and what that means for both and while also discussing the business aspects of the deal. We also give our thoughts on the developmental version of WordPress (more…)

Here it is. The final episode of WordPress Weekly where I interviewed Alex King for about an hour. We discussed all sorts of things related to WordPress such as plugin development, themes, his plugins, trends online, why WordPress is so popular, comparisons between Drupal and WordPress and last but not (more…)

Episode 19 of WordPress Weekly has come and gone. In this episode, we discussed a number of issues which have been highlighted below. Remember that next week, WordPress Weekly will be air live at 10 PM EST instead of 9 PM EST as an experiment to see if more people (more…)

Well, another week has passed which means another edition of WordPress Weekly. In this episode, it was more like a free for all, talk about anything we want kind of deal. Although during the show, I did bring up a number of news items that I thought were worth discussing. (more…)

Wow. Episode 17 of WordPress Weekly went off pretty well. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the live version, Matt Mullenweg was the special guest but to my surprise, he also brought with him Andy Peatling, lead developer of the BuddyPress project. In this weeks episode, I (more…)

This week on WordPress Weekly, it was open mic week. However, it didn’t work out as I imagined and thankfully, I had a list of news items to use as a backup plan. It also helped that a couple of regulars who had some free time on their hand showed (more…)

WordPress Weekly Episode 15 featuring David Peralty, formerly of and SplashPress media has come and gone. I thought it was an hour and a half of excellent information, particularly for those who are interested in the topics related to the business of blogging. This podcast featured a mix of (more…)

Episode 14 of WordPress Weekly featured an hour and a half interview with Nathan Rice of We covered premium themes, the theme market, some of the pros and cons of Small Potatoes theme club model, the issue of finding things in themes that shouldn’t be there and much more. (more…)