1. Andre

    Hey, thanks Justin for the post about Ariele Lite. I also want to say thanks for finding the couple issues. I could have sworn, I had it so that solved for the alignwide and full so that it would only apply to a non-sidebar layout. Looks like I missed this. The good news is that I am going to fix that right now and upload it. I will also make an adjustment to the nested lists.

    The great thing I like is getting feedback from users because it helps make improvements; whether this theme or any others!


    • Andre

      Quick note…I am happy to say, version 1.0.5 addresses the issues Justin discovered. I also did a few more style adjustments with more as time goes on. So if anyone finds anything, let me know by contacting me at Rough Pixels, or you can use the support forum for the theme at WordPress.org. Always happy to make improvements from feedback :)


  2. Michael Beckwith

    The day we see an overall good looking, clean, microformats rich and accessibility rich theme, is the day that I install that theme right away. Relatively simple needs, but one i may need to create myself at times.


  3. Nyssa the Hobbit

    Yeah, Rough Pixels does good stuff. I have their Storytime theme loaded on my main website. :)


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