1. Erik Joling

    Thank you Brad and Pippin for your valuable insights!


  2. Anne H

    I echo Erik’s comment above. I’m not a formal developer but still got great value from the show. I can also see where it may not be the best ROI for their time at this moment. Regardless, I extend my thanks for a job well done.


  3. Jordan Pakrosnis

    I’m going to miss this show. Anyone have recommendations for other casts that focus on development in WordPress? I already listen to Post Status’ Draft Podcast.


    • Tai

      Try WP Water Cooler. It’s kinda funny and can have some decent Dev spots. WordPress Weekly is my favourite.

      NPR’s “How I Built This” is the best new podcast in a whike if you’re a business owner.


  4. Tai

    Apply Filters was just ok. More self-promotion than insightful. But I love Pippin’s and Delicious Brains’ blog posts/guides. Those are their strengths and better for them to monetize that way.


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