1. Marcus Tibesar

    Google will abandon this product just as they have many others – no surprise there. Big Tech getting a dose of justice…


  2. Bastian

    AMP is one of the worst things to happen to the internet. It cannot disappear soon enough.


  3. Tony

    AMP needs to die – even the general idea of AMP (a faster web for mobile devices) is flawed…


    • Norman Freeman

      did you know? AMP has moved from just mobile to the full site experience it has become a web component, I wish you revisit AMP before making a conclusion


  4. Mark AMPutator Judd

    AMP is a travesty and I cannot wait for it to be banished from the Internet! It’s very easy to design normal pages that load faster than AMP and look better, even on “slow” old WordPress.


  5. Glenn Martin

    It would be a dream come true to see AMP disappear forever.


  6. Dumitru Brinzan

    Imagine all those budgets that were spent on implementing AMP on major websites. Yikes.


  7. Norman Freeman

    Why everyone hates AMP besides the above lawsuit can you guys pinpoint things you don’t like? Don’t just hate it because it was created by a big corporation.
    Overall AMP experience is super cool if you have tried it. Also, I noticed wptravern is not using AMP why though? fire it up from jetpack :D


  8. Peter Shaw

    I’ve been a major critic of AMP for years not only as a concept but also of the way Automattic supports the concept.

    Not only is this a good outcome but another opportunity to say I told you so.


  9. Richard

    I didn’t give AMP a second glance – once I saw it was just another attempt by Google to take control of our open Web technologies.

    Seems like a never-ending battle to stop ‘big tech’ trying to shape the Web in their own image.


  10. twoparrot

    I was planning to use it, but now really glad I didn’t


  11. Niall Flynn

    Leaving cash on the table not using AMP, it works for small businesses, the days of being selectively morale about Google are over, for sure it might end up here: https://killedbygoogle.com/ but I see clients with huge traffic from AMP, the last 2-3 years it’s been huge in for traffic and general promotion, its like a second place to index, all news is AMP now, well anything worth ranking for.


  12. Weston Ruter

    Two Google blog posts responding to this:

    The benefits of AMP
    AG Paxton’s misleading attack on our ad tech business


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