1. Frederic Sune

    Finally!!!! We have been using Chris plugin for years… It saved us so many hours without going to SFTP, remove folder or rename, upload new one, rename, and delete the old one. Happy to see this feature coming and well design too. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Pross

    I wonder if this will work if this will still work if the plugin folder is left empty after certain hosts have botched an auto-update?


  3. Bradley Allen

    This “miscellaneous change” caught my eye last night when checking out the notes for 5.5 Beta 1. “Plugins and themes can now be updated by uploading a ZIP file.” It makes sense to me and definitely seems like a long overdue feature.

    It’ll be interesting to see how well automatic theme and plugin updates work out for the community. It sounds risky to advise people to ‘set it and forget it.’ Will ‘plugin and theme updates’ still be a key feature for maintenance plans?


  4. Tim Nolte

    I maintain a private Composer repository for premium plugins and themes using the SatisPress WordPress plugin. This is going to be a massive help with performing those updates and helping to pass the maintenance torch on to co-workers.


  5. Andre

    It’s about FREAKING time! I cannot count how many times I’ve requested this capability….which was always shrugged off. I’ve used Joomla for over 12 years and this CMS has always had that capability.

    I just downloaded the beta 5.5 to my local XAMPP, so I will be testing this.


  6. Bastian

    About time. It’s really sad that necessary tickets such as this are left to rot in trac for so many years.


  7. Sali

    Updating a plugin is really painful, using this feature make it super easy. You don’t need to deactivate and delete the installed plugin to update with another new version of the same custom plugin. Just upload it via the regular way you install, this feature will manage rest. It takes much less time.


  8. Jack Huang

    I’m just curious. I’m not a technical guy. Why do we need to update things via a zip file?


    • Justin Tadlock

      Not everyone needs to. If you’re using a plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, you can click a button to update or enabled auto-updates (coming in WP 5.5). However, not all plugins are available through the plugin directory. For those, there are various other ways that users might update. Sometimes, plugin authors offer one-click or auto-updates. Sometimes, users are left up to their own devices, such as using FTP. Then, there are times when developers are working with clients without server or FTP access. The ability to upload via ZIP simplifies things where a more technical route may be necessary.


  9. Khoi pro

    It’s a MUST-HAVE feature because it saves tons of times for some manual plugin update processes, especially for paid plugins.


  10. Andreas Lopez

    What’s funny is that is what we have been doing for years through ManageWP Orion, now owned by GoDaddy. Glad to see WordPress finally incorporate it.


  11. Bet Hannon

    Yes! We’ve been using the Chris Jean plugin for years! Glad to see this finally making core!


  12. Felix Levine

    To update an installed plugin or theme by uploading a ZIP file is not such a big deal. I am updating 15 different WordPress websites on a regular basis. I am dealing with hundreds of plugins and over a dozen themes. Only the “revslider” plugin requires replacement. In a case like this I would prefer Filezilla. It is much faster than uploading a ZIP file.


  13. Anh Tran

    This is a great news!

    For normal users, this is a great way to update premium themes and plugins.


  14. Mário Valney

    Very happy to see this feature be shipped.
    And very happy to contribute and see how much people joined to help with UI, UX, code review… #opensourcerules


  15. David

    This will make it easy to update new plugins for blogger


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