1. Mika E. (Ipstenu)

    The dev didn’t pull HS, it had a security hole. Standard Operating Procedure, really. Sucks, I admit, but … well. He’s working on a fix :)


  2. Hal Gatewood

    If any devs want to know how to access the current themes colors to make their plugins match, I wrote a quick article showing how: http://halgatewood.com/wordpress-accessing-3-8-color-palettes/


  3. Keith Davis

    Hi Sarah
    “…in collaboration with Mark Jaquith” a good pedigree then.

    This one looks like the one to go for.


  4. Copinger

    Is there any plugin for WordPress users who want to create their own color schemes at the Front end? As this is for the admin area color scheme. Front end color scheme plugin(s)?


  5. Lane Lester

    I’m certainly glad to get more choices than the 3.8 default set. However, I’m also glad not to have to fiddle my own scheme. Admin Color Schemes will do me for now.


  6. mcguinnesspublishingadmin

    Look at a plugin called Modern Admin form Theme Forest 5 star backend Theme – use it on all my sites, and love it – well maintained too – fully compat with 3.8


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