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  1. Ellen Bauer
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    Hi Justin,

    wow, I’m so sorry for missing to read and reply to your review earlier. We’ve been so busy improving Aino that I completely missed out on what is going on around us right now, it seems. I’m sorry about that.

    We love your review, thank you so much for giving Aino another spin :) It’s still a way to go but we are encouraged that you see our vision somewhat enfolding by now.

    You are so right, our blocks and some default styles (e.g. blockquotes) need some love and we are working on this. We plan to work on smaller add-on single blocks from now on as well. Blocks that are needed for building more complex block page templates.

    But block themes and the Full Site Editing features coming up get us so excited. It’s like this we’ve been all walking around in the dark for some time, somehow trying to find a way how we fit into this new system being build.

    For us it seems to become more clear and we believe we are seeing a way to make this work even or maybe rather especially because we are a small team. We can try out something quickly and circle back when we see it’s not working. This is a privilege small teams have. We work directly with users who support our work and who are willing to try our new things and stick it out with us until we get it right.

    Yes, yes, yes, it would be amazing if you review our project yearly. It’s so helpful to receive feedback from someone with such an insider experience like you.

    Thank you so much,
    Ellen & Manu


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