1. hchouhan

    Wow this would be so useful for http://flattrendz.com. Going to try it.


  2. MATT

    This plugin has marvelous potential!

    If there was more options like:

    Text Align: Center
    Disable Animation
    Toggle Label Visibility

    Goodluck with your adventure,


  3. Vanessa Anne Blaylock

    What a find Sarah! It’s funny, it’s often not the BIG things, but the small ones that can make such a big difference. The improvement in typing Markdown over HTML is pretty small, but when you’re in the WP text editor every day, the speed, convenience, and visual cleanliness of Markdown just makes it easier and faster and I feel better about the whole thing.

    In the case of Awesome Color Palettes, I don’t put out palettes every day. Although I have used ColorLovers.com & design-seeds.com on occasion. In this case I think it might be “fun” as much as “function,” although it is a pretty nice way to drop a hex palette under a logo or other graphic you’re posting somewhere.

    I don’t think this is going to be a plugin that I’ll install everywhere, but with the right crowd, it could be functional and/or a lot of fun. I’m sure you know about Emoj.li, the all emoji social net launching in a few days. I think ACP could be fun on a group blog of designers to post palettes back and forth. Sort of like emoji for the design crowd.



  4. Vanessa Anne Blaylock

    kk, I went and played with it – as much fun as I anticipated!


  5. Vanessa Anne Blaylock

    Ouch! At the end of the first line of the above comment I inserted an emoji – when I posted, it deleted the entire rest of my comment! Then I edited and retyped the whole thing, but apparently the 5 minute edit limit kicked in and so it AGAIN deleted my whole comment. :(

    TAKE 3:

    But… with a plugin like WP Inject, Akismet, or lots of others, you receive a service, and if you don’t want it anymore, you simply deactivate, no big deal. But with ACP, you’re dependent on it to make those shortcodes display. If it falls off the update cycle or has a vulnerability or a conflict with another plugin you need – you’re out of luck.

    With this sort of “dependency” plugin, to use it is to be stuck with it for the life of your website. Vs making a .jpg palette which wouldn’t have the fun animation, but which would give you pages that would never break. Some of the Gmaps plugins are similar. They may have features over a pure Gmap embed, but it’s a dependency on that plugin forever. With maps, it’s easy for me, I’ll take the plain Gmap embed. But APC is very cool…


  6. Natascha

    I’d love to have a plugin like this, but as a tag cloud. No text, just colored circles


  7. Caroline

    I totally love this. Works like a charm, smooth. I use a lot of color palettes in my blogs as I write about nail polish and color trends for makeup. Easy peasy with this plugin :D


  8. pabloluisrey

    there is a JQuery plugin that makes a color palette from an image, it would be grat to make them work toghether.



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