1. Benjamin Intal

    Interesting article @Jeff

    One comment though regarding Netropolitan. They clearly had subscribers, a (very) niche market and some marketing because of the news. With that price range, even if they only had 1 subscriber per quarter or half a year that would already be quite a sum of money for a website that only has a few subscribers. I find it odd that they closed it down instead of expanding it to be something more.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    Oh no! My dreams of becoming a member of Netropolitan are now destroyed :P


  3. Brin Wilson

    There’s a line in the film ‘Field of Dreams’ that goes something like “If you build it, they will come” — not really the case in a lot of internet-instances then it seems! Lol.


  4. karks88

    I’m a little out of the loop on some stuff, but I hadn’t heard of any of these entities. Guess that might be part of the issue.


  5. luckyfishmedia

    I enjoyed this post and I almost feel like I shouldn’t because I hate to see ideas fail, but with so many “I put a website and now I’m a millionaire” stories it was nice to see that you still need to know how to run a business properly and have have the passion to make it work.

    Nice Job, you guys always have great articles!


  6. Tom

    Sadly my own initiative also failed. And that’s purely my fault — got a new job, couldn’t keep up with releasing free products (although, I have 3 themes ready for release), missed the schedule, etc.

    Anyway, quit my job last December, have some money to keep me alive atleast few months — gonna be focusing on wplovin.com full-time :) Already have customized Grunt template (for wp.org themes) ready, which I’m gonna open-source sometime soon (building few themes on it, just to bulletproof test it before the release) + main website redesign is going nicely so far. Year 2015 should be pretty interesting.


  7. Piet

    IssuePress seems to have aborted their mission too. You wrote about them in May 2014. Although their site is still online and they say that they are reinventing themselves, their last post is from August 22 of which you can draw your own conclusions. Pity as it seemed to be a very cool initiative!


  8. cyberhobo

    There may be more to learn from the cemetery than from the more sexy success stories – kudos for covering it. I wish the best to all who venture a contribution to the WordPress world, but for those whose projects don’t make it, please remember that an honest failure can be valuable contribution also. Don’t die silently!


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