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  1. Ted Clayton

    I made some pointed commentary on the Survey, myself. The opportunity to write actual comments in the survey is so valuable, and so dominant a feature of the form, that I suspect that the ‘survey’ is just an excuse to let folks really ‘sound off’.

    It’s hard to get experts to freely share what they often struggled hard and otherwise “paid” to gain for themselves. Why should they give it away? ‘Documentation’ is such an atrocious problem in Open Source, for partly this reason. Experts ‘pretend’ to offer the goods (in some cases, without realizing it).

    Having watched WordPress since before the wider CMS community thought is was anything to worry about, I do think the ‘issues’ with WP-support are a bit on the ‘nit-pick’ side … tho Jeffro’s lament (and others) is valid. After all, the stuff is there, which is more than can be generally expected! … albeit a jungle.

    More fundamental, the topical range is large, complex, and changing. We want lots of choices, but then we are burdened by choices. We want an improved product, but then everything is new (or outdated).

    Not that Dot Org can’t be improved. It has, through several major iterations, and will (have to) going forward.


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