1. Rick Ankrum

    The WPTavern articles are informative. I read almost everyone of them.

    You write a lot about blocks. Maybe you can answer a question. In block preferences there is a box to check where the most used blocks appear when selecting a block. That does not work for me. After publishing a post and starting anew one the blocks showing up are always ones I never use. How can I fix this?


    • Rohan Vyas

      You might have a browser plugin that is causing this issue because these “recent blocks” should come from browser cache and storage.


    • Otto

      Not seeing the problem myself, but I suspect that you might be using some kind of privacy software in your browser, which prevents the editor from using the browser’s local storage, and thus prevents it from remembering your most used blocks or something similar to that. In which case, the fix is to turn off that software that is causing the issue, whatever it may be. Try using a clean browser, without extra extensions.

      In the latest versions of the editor, if you don’t want to see the Most Used Blocks section, you can turn it off in the editor’s Preferences modal.


  2. Happy 2021

    Wish you health and happiness to you, your family, friends and coworkers and to all WordPress users and all humanity and all living beings on Earth!

    God bless!


  3. Jean-Paul Horn

    For some reason, Sarah’s piece on adding subscript and superscript characters from 2014 always sneaks its way into the most-viewed posts of the year. It was technically #6 on the list, but it wasn’t published in 2020.

    Maybe because it gets linked on every New Years introspective post and we all click the article to see what’s the fuss all about? ;-)


  4. Stephen J Carnam

    That old saying that “Content is King” can either make or break the future. Let’s hope that WordPress can be used for more good this year. I know I’ll be using it more to keep me focused and happy.


  5. Martin Remy

    Happy New Year, Justin.

    By my rough estimate (counting in hundreds), we have at least twice as many published comments as the data shows

    WordPress.com Stats counts approved comments only, which sounds like ‘published comments’, so those numbers should match. I’d be happy to look into it more, if you want to send me a screenshot of your comment Stats.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Sorry for the late reply, Martin. Yeah, I wanted to give this time to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. So, I’ve been following January 2021’s comment stats. Right now, we have 222 approved comments for the month. However, WordPress.com stats lists that as 76. Our two most-commented posts of the month have 33 and 31 approved comments, respectively. I knew the stats had to be off.

      These numbers seem to be pretty consistent with how far off the stats have been. In the post I said it was twice as many, but it looks more like 3x as many.

      I can send over a screenshot via email. I’m assuming you want an image of the WordPress.com stats screens.


  6. Asko Nõmm

    2020 has been hard, especially socially, and as we are social animals, no amount of video calls can truly fix that. But like you, I’m also beginning to be hopeful again. 2021 I think will be the year of recovery.


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