1. mrjarbenne

    Slim Jetpack is a nice alternative too, if you want most of the functionality, without being tethered to wp.com.



  2. Justin Tadlock

    Nice roundup. Whenever doing custom projects or helping out a friend, there’s always a module or two in Jetpack that I’d like to use. But, I refuse to add that entire plugin to a site for just a couple of features. I’d much rather install a one-off plugin that simply does one job.


  3. Jeffro

    @Justin Tadlock – Thanks. It was a bit of a challenge finding plugins that replicated some of the Jetpack module functionality. Some of the plugins mentioned are exact replicas of the module they are based on. Others are close but not exact.

    As mentioned in the previous comment, Slim Jetpack is a nice alternative.


  4. mike finley

    I may be wrong, but I think there is a big difference between photon and at least the free version of cloudflare. Photon claims to request a resized version of your image (to suit the space it will be displayed in) while cloudflare simply caches the file as is, and returns it. This may be significantly larger than is needed for the display device, taking longer to download, and occupying more of the available cache space on the device (and thus flushing more data from the cache).
    If the viewer is using a high spec PC on a fast fibre internet connection, then the difference won’t matter, but for a handheld mobile device it may matter much more. As well as taking much longer to download the first time, it would consume much more of the device’s limited space for caching internet files, and itself be cleared from cache on the next similar page view.


  5. Bob Schecter

    Excellent timing. Just canned JetPack from a dozen sites. Don’t like having all those eggs in one basket. And the TinyMCE Spellcheck is great. Thanks for the leads.


  6. Keith Davis

    I’m with Justin T about installing a plugin with functions I won’t use so this is a fabulous resource.

    Good to see mentions of the good old “must have” plugins like Contact form 7.


  7. Rob

    Hi there, has anyone run any speed tests regarding using Jetpack or a number of alternatives? I was under the impression that as long as you deactivated the modules you didn’t need it’s bloatedness was reduced.

    I wonder what the tipping point for using Jetpack is against separate plugins? 4 modules or more maybe. Surely too many extra plugins instead of using just Jetpack is a bad thing.

    And finally, one would hope, that coming from Automattic the code would be kept up to scratch which sometimes can’t be said for other plugins.


  8. Samuel Aguilera

    For the WordPress.com stats you can use JetPack Lite


  9. Kaleb J. Barker

    Social by MailChimp is a good replacement for Publicize and Jetpack Comments.


  10. How To Take Control Of Jetpack

    […] few days ago, we published a list of plugins and services that can be used as alternatives to the modules shipped with Jetpack. While […]


  11. sourceforge

    shortcodes are available as is http://wordpress.org/plugins/shortpack/


  12. China Blocks Gravatar and WordPress.com: How to Adjust WordPress Settings

    […] Most of Jetpack functionality should work just fine. For the modules that interact with WordPress.com in your admin area, Jeremy suggests using a VPN to administrate your site. If you need alternatives to the WordPress.com and Gravatar-powered modules, check out Jeff’s recent post: 15+ Plugins To Get Jetpack Functionality Without Using Jetpack. […]


  13. Roseba

    But does it make sense to replace Jetpack with 10 standalone Jetpack replacements when I have disabled the modules I am not using?


  14. Miriam Schwab

    I also don’t love installing tons of plugins when we only need one. But Jetpack has so many great things in it that in many cases we use it anyways.

    Re Google+ integration: Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin has this built in so if you’re running it, make sure you enter your Google+ URL in your Profile, and you’re good.

    Re shortcode embeds: I really don’t understand why this needs its own whole plugin when WordPress supports oEmbed. I mean, what’s easier than just pasting the URL of the piece of media you want to share in the editor (ok, and then unlinking it so it’s not an active link, but still!)?


  15. Ken Gray


    I enjoyed this post a great deal. Love the blog and have RSS’ed it.

    Here’s the problem I’m having.

    I tried Simple Email Subscriber as you suggested and it just won’t work on my site. I’ve taken off all my Jetpack functions except Subscriber and yet Jetpack still takes up 25 per cent of my upload time for my two sites, bulldogottawa.com and bulldogcanadian.com.

    I need a lightweight plugin in which I can insert my subscriptions from Jetpack and that just sends out emails when I publish a post. I can’t say I find Subscribe2 very helpful.

    I’d really like to get my sites as efficient as possible and have spent many, many hours trying to find a good replacement for Jetpack subscriptions. I like the plugin but I don’t like the amount of capacity it uses. It’s the last Jetpack function I use.

    I really need some simple plugin alternatives.

    Thanks for your help and any suggestions from your readers as well.




  16. Michael Nordmeyer

    Slim Jetpack looks like a very good alternative to Jetpack to avoid using a connection to WordPress.com. Unfortunately for comment avatars you need Gravatar as a backend, which you only can use if you have a WordPress.com account.


  17. Gerry

    I admit to still using Jetpack Lite for the stats and the short urls, but I had issues with Jetpack proper right from the get-go. The “Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack” plugin actually works better than its Jetpack counterpart for some reason.


  18. van abel

    I would also want to add `LaTeX2HTML` in Beautiful Math


  19. Bertrand

    Thanks for this but most “alternatives” here aren’t worth and we are still stuck with this thing and prisoners of WP.com for a while. Interesting reading here: http://jupiterjimsmarketingteam.com/why-i-dont-use-wordpress-jetpack/

    I’m regretfully running JP just for 2 modules only – Comment and Subscriptions – because nobody on this planet was able to make such ultra basic plugins in order to allow a visitor
    1. to subscribe to following posts when he leaves a comment and/or to new posts
    2. add a simple checkbox to user subscriptions thats says “subscribe my email address I just entered also for receiving new posts”

    You have exactly the same issue here with your own blog: you are using Jetpack Comment module right here, and at completely different place the Subscription module – and all your subscribers are managed by WP.com.

    That’s a shame as those settings should be just basic WP settings.
    It seems WP.com wants to get more from us…


  20. Betrand

    Thanks Jeff, but here again that’s a very partial solution. The BASIC needs for any site or blog are to allow visitors to post comments, follow-up with them and subscribe to new posts/news. Those needs should be grouped together in core configuration and closely tied to the setting “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”.

    But this isn’t the case, and certainly not planned, so that WP can take this out of your site and manage at their own servers by providing “cool” plugins that let you think you can do “cool” things with them – while they take care of your subscribers and you lose control over them.

    This deals with a more global question: who has full control of your site’s content? You or third party companies?

    The more we give access to those “cool” third party gadgets the more we lose control.


  21. Betrand

    PS: I don’t find it “cool” at all to be forwarded to wordpress.com when subscribing to your own blog, right here, in order to confirm or manage my subscription.


  22. Chris Stephens

    I’m guessing that a handful of random plugins would introduce more bugs and cause more performance issues than a collection of modules (which can be deactivated) backed by Automattic. On the other hand, there is always room for improvement. I’d rather gain subscribers with a plugin like Mailchimp than through Jetpack.


  23. Bjoern

    WP Performance Pack (http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-performance-pack/) includes features for dynamic image resizing and CDN Support for Images, which can be used as replacement for Photon.


  24. Ankur Jain

    What’s the deal with connecting to wordpress.com ? Why do you think that’s a big issue?


  25. Faysal Shahi

    I just use jetpack for WordPress.com Stats :)


  26. Brad Dalton

    WP-Stats-Dashboard NOTE: NO LONGER MAINTAINING THIS PLUGIN. PLUGIN IN NEED OF COMPLETE OVERHAUL. Might want to replace this suggestion with something else that offers stats like WordPress.com


  27. cylis

    Great list of alternatives to Jetpack. Even though I like all the functionality Jetpack gives, I am not a big fan of the chain and the collar that comes with it.


  28. Mark Fox

    Love the information, thanks for sharing


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