1. Trent Lapinski

    They couldn’t have picked another name?

    WPdocker.com already exists and is a white labeled WP hosting as a service solution using Docker containers.


    • Mike Schinkel

      Yes. Naming #fail.


    • Vasken Hauri

      Hey Trent,

      Thanks for the heads-up! We didn’t realize you had a SaaS offering with the same name–it just seemed like a straightforward and descriptive title for what we’d built.

      We’re brainstorming some alternative names now and will get it changed up shortly. Hope you’re able to take it for a spin–we’d love to know what you think!



    • Stephen Edgar

      I’ve got my own private repo on GitHub named wp-docker, it’s an incredibly generic term.

      A quick search of GitHub reveals a hundred plus repos with name variations wp-docker / docker-wp.


  2. Fitz Ryland

    Any specific reasons why this is better or different from Local by Flywheel? That also spins up a docker instance specifically for local development.


    • Mike Schinkel

      One difference is Flywheel supports multiple projects per one install of Flywheel. This (WP-Docker) evidently is designed to be versioned directly with your WordPress project so is a one-project-at-a-time box.


    • Chris Marslender

      Local is very full-featured and great for a lot of use-cases (in fact, several 10uppers use it regularly), but our goal was to cut out everything we could and keep the environment as light as possible, so for example, our solution doesn’t use VirtualBox as Local does


  3. Ahmad Awais

    Looks nice. Will try it out over the weekend.


  4. Stephen Edgar

    FYI: Vagrant now includes support for Docker as a provider out of the box, this eliminates the mentioned extreme space and slow to provision issues.


  5. Per Søderlind

    Love that you include Gearman and Elasticsearch :)


  6. johnrom

    I have built a more CLI-oriented project utilizing Docker and Bash (includes Windows support), that focuses more on collaboration and sharing multiple environments between developers. In my office we share a single Nimble repo for dozens of our clients.


    Additionally, Nimble allows you to completely change any aspect of the environment for any given project or many projects at once (thus the name), allowing access directly to the docker-compose templates. It might not suit everyone’s needs, but I thought it might be of interest.

    (PS., it does not have an original name either. Sorry!)


  7. Chris

    The current WP Docker project is a good start but it can only handle one WordPress website per Docker environment instead of a single Docker environment for all your WordPress websites.
    I’m planning on migrating to Laradock which provides a single Docker environment for all my WP projects.


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