1. Hey, folks. I’m a senior e-commerce consultant at Metronet and I just wanted to confirm that it’s an awesome place to work. :)

  2. I can heartily recommend Norway. And FYI, it’s not winter all year round; we have great summers, especially in places “down south” like Oslo.

    p. s. Do yourself a favour and start liking mountain hiking if you don’t already, or you’ll be missing out on half of what the country’s got to offer.

  3. I can’t mountain bike for quite a while as I just had shoulder surgery. If I’m still here next year I definitely intend to try cross-country skiing too, as that looks like a great way to see the country side in the middle of winter.

  4. Randi

    What does the job entail? I am currently selling one home and possibly a second in Lake Tahoe, CA where we have very cold winters and beautiful summers as well. I love mountains and have heard wonderful things about Norway!

  5. The job entails building WordPress themes and plugins for clients.

    Typically, we are provided with a PSD and a lengthy brief on functionality and we just plow ahead and write the code to make it happen.

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