1. Good interview. I for one had totally missed the Professional WordPress book so that was great to learn about. Sounds like a better choice for me than the WP Bible.
    I had never heard of CollabPress either and it looks like a really interesting plugin.
    But I do think WP has at least some flaws, he chickened out a little I think. You could tell there was issues underneath ;). Aaron was more forthcoming when he answered the same interview question.

  2. Ah okay, it is working now. Seems like talkshoe was being down (or you changed the link already ;-) )…

  3. @Andreas Nurbo – Actually the question caught me off guard. I’m so use to answering why I like working w/ WordPress that I’m not used to talking about what it sucks at. Custom post types was my biggest complaint for the longest, but 2.9 solved that problem

    Let me know what you think about CollabPress and Professional WP!

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