1. I don’t want to go any near this latest WordPress debate, but I appreciate you guys covering both perspectives fairly.

    This trivia question is a little tricky, it looks like the big feature in 2.3 was tags? Only significant template tag I see is “the_tags”…

  2. Welcome back to the show Jeff! You and David covered a lot of ground in this episode. Too bad I wasn’t able to be there to listen in live.

    My answer for the trivia question comes from the WordPress Codex article about version 2.3:

    Developer / Power User Stuff
    For adding tagging to themes see the_tags and wp_tag_cloud


  3. In 2.3 they added tagging to themes with the_tags and wp_tag_cloud.

    2.3 has quite a nice codex page, with screenshots etc- when you can compare it to 2.8’s

  4. Yep, all three of you got the right answer. That’s the function tag I was looking for. Back in those days, I used the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin but thankfully, the exporting of tags from that plugin into the WordPress system was seamless.

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