1. Sorry I wasn’t able to be there. Did download the show and listen to it – great interview with Andy!

    Trivia question answer via Wayback Machine (http://web.archive.org/web/20051031024125/http://akismet.com/):

    Live Spam Zeitgeist
    45,390 spams caught so far
    8,626 so far today
    79% of all comments are spam

    They had 2 pages archived for that day, so I picked the one that was later in the day to use for my answer. **crossing fingers that I picked the right one…lol**

  2. I’m with David when it comes to BuddyPress. It looks really cool, and I’m excited to check it out when I have some free time.

    But I just haven’t found any projects to use it on yet, I think you need a decently active community to get the most value of of a BuddyPress install.

    You almost had me stumped this week Jeffro, and it’s still a bit of a trick question! Archive.org has two samples from October 31st 2005, so i went with the later one that says “45,390 spams caught so far,  8,626 so far today”.

    That probably sounded like a pretty scary number of spam on Halloween, to think that 4 years later Akismet would be blocking over 2 million of the nasty lil buggers every day!


  3. Well, instead of needing my thinking cap, I just needed to be online earlier to get in the top 3!!

    Another really great show, and thanks to Andy for answering my question. I’m currently running Buddypress on my uni Ultimate team’s website, and I’m loving the experience so far.

  4. Indeed, the correct number I was looking for was 45,390. I thought I could trick you all but this time, it didn’t work although I think I was pretty close.

    As for the show itself, it feels like one of the best episodes I’ve recorded in a long time.

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