1. It was good to hear that some of the code from Google Summer of Code is making it out into the world, I’m keen to take Daryl Koopersmith’s Elastic Theme Editor for a spin!

    John Gridley (urbangiraffe.com) is the latest part time Automattician. Yoast’s interview with John was interesting, I hope it was the first of many Press This episodes.

  2. I dont have the update, i cant copy and paste :)

  3. @Matt – Well that’s good to know. It was my understanding based on Joost’s interview with him that it was a part time gig. At any rate, glad to hear the Automattic team is growing and I hope he does well for the team. His search unleashed plugin is pretty cool.

  4. @JLeuze – Yeah, glad to see most of the Google summer of code projects made it past the pencil down date. Whether or not the code or full project will be used in core is another question. Congrats on being first again.

    @conorp – A decent second place showing :)

    @Epic Alex – Yep. This round was pretty easy this week. I need to find a question that will stump people.

  5. Hi Jeffro,

    Great show as always!

    I can confirm that John’s name is definitely John Godley. Going back a couple of years, if I’d been asked who my favourite WordPress plugin authors were, I would have said Lester Chan, Alex King and John Godley. Now, I’d still keep those three, but add Vladimir Prelovac and Joost DeValk – so that podcast was one of my top 5 interviewing another of my top 5. Magic…

    For what it’s worth, although I use All in One SEO Pack, most of the top SEO guys (including Joost) seem to use John’s HeadSpace.

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