1. It’s too bad you’re switching to Tuesday nights, I always look forward to starting my weekend off with WordPress Weekly.

    But I’m sure you and David are thrilled to finally start having Friday nights off soon. That you’ve been willing to give up a prime chunk of your weekend for this long shows just how dedicated you!

    Luckily I’m just one timezone over, so the day of the week doesn’t really bother me, I’m all for whichever day makes it easiest for you to keep grinding out episodes ;)

    I was going to suggest that we all toss in a little something so that you could enjoy the first few rounds of freedom on us, but it seems someone has stolen the tipjar…

    At least some of WordPress.com’s servers are hosted by Layer Tech, they have a cool video tour of the WordPress.com racks in Chicago.

  2. I knew i shouldn’t have slept

    “Layered Tech is one of WordPress.com’s hosting providers”

  3. They have servers with both Layered Tech and Peer 1, but I don’t know if WordPress.com serves from any of the Peer1 servers. Also, Barry (their systems guy) used to work for Rackspace, which means he’s now had experience with all the top names in high-end hosting.

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