1. great show. the CMS Showdown review was very informative. the best part was when you said ‘hunker down.’ actually, there were better parts than that, but i love a good ‘hunker down.’

  2. @ShelbyLife – Thanks Shelby. The showdown was an interesting tidbit in the show and I thought it was great to hear Matts thoughts on what it was like to develop something using the software instead of trying to make it better.

  3. Dgold

    This was a fascinating episode. Thanks so much Jeffro, Matt, and everyone. I listened to this plugged into the car stereo on a roadtrip last weekend. Rewound several parts to listen again for the detailed remarks from quiet-fast speaking MM.

  4. @Dgold -Glad you enjoyed the episode. I think this makes three interview now I’ve conducted with Matt :)

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