1. Since you talked about the Widgets refresh, I was wondering what was happening to WebDevStudio’s effort to evolve the widgets screen (their mockups looked great!)? Don’t think that even came up.

  2. @Jeffro thanks for linking that. It looks like the Widgets team have noticed the mockups WDS did but basically have gone an entirely different route? (WDS had a nice media modelesque thing going, whereas the current efforts seem to be heading more to work like the menus screen. Am I wrong? Meanwhile, the github page WDS put up has been silent for 3 months. I like both directions but I thought WDS’s mockups looked more promising, shame if they didn’t release it as a plugin at least!

  3. @Peter Knight (@peterrknight) – we haven’t abandoned the WDS concept, and we have multiple concepts that involve a modal. In our early testing the modal was actually not well received. Justin of WDS has been super busy with work and a new child, but we recently discussed some of his ideas with Weston of X-Team, and it sounds like there may be some movement.

  4. Thanks for the response Shaun, I’ve been watching the UI blog with the user testing and it has been very interesting and insightful – had me rethinking my own plugin a bit too.

    I do wonder & hope a more poweruser-type interface can be created that matches the ambition of WDS’s mockups. When you have a site with 5+ widget areas and different display settings for widgets, those types of scenarios are quite hard to build a nice intuitive UI for. I realize that might be non-core territory and maybe WDS will step in regardless of how the widgets UI evolves in core. I also love the ideas for a better way to visually link widget areas to actual layout – that’s a tough one to implement. It’s going to be interesting to watch development in any case.

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