WPWeekly Episode 108 This Saturday

This is just a friendly reminder that episode 108 of WordPress Weekly will be recorded this Saturday at 2PM EST. I’ll be talking about the news stories that caught my eye during the week, the release of 3.0.2, and last but not least, some changes to WPTavern.com. The changes are not major but I figured I’d tell everyone what’s going on so we’re on the same page. I’ll tell the story of why I started WPTavern, what I wanted to accomplish and why I have to do what I’m doing now. By the way, I’m not selling the site or the show. I can’t bring myself to do that.

Who is Jeff Chandler

Jeff Chandler is a WordPress guy in the buckeye state. Contributing writer for WPTavern. Have been writing about WordPress since 2007. Host of the WordPress Weekly Podcast.

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