1. Thanks for posting about this Jeff. Every time someone comes in with the username “Matt” for example, the chat gets pretty sidetracked as they’re wondering if it’s the Matt, someone else named Matt, or an impersonator.

    Still a little torn on what to do, even requiring registration won’t completely solve the problem. It will at least help a bit if say, they post on their Twitter account confirming they have registered a certain username at WP Chat.

  2. @Leland – Perhaps registration requiring both first and last names would be a good start. At least that way anyone who has been usurped could contact you directly about it and there would be a clear case of passing off, instead of just getting someone who was also called Matt.

    There is some value to people using real names in discussions as well.

  3. I really enjoyed the chat the other day, I think it’s going to be “my hangout for when I’m hungover from the Tavern”

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