1. Wim

    Don’t like it either.
    Tried the plugin, maintenance mode option, fortunately on a local server as I immediately got logged out and could not log-in again as it was in maintenance mode!
    Thank goodness I did not try it on a live site as making manual changes to the database is not my idea of fun.
    After that experience I think that even though you recommend the plugin, I will bow out of using it

    1. @Wim: take in account that localhost WordPress installs use to behave not so equally than live sites. Anyway, Maintanance Mode is automagically enabled by WP anytime you upgrade anything (WP, plugins, themes)…. so don’t bother about that feature ;)

      1. Wim

        @Marcello -> You obviously do not get it!
        1 feature tried, 1 feature failed. That does not spell good as a rule, sorry I picked that specific setting to try!
        Moreover, nearly all items listed I would prefer to have in a theme, no need for outside support.
        Are there actually people who do not know that WP sets your site to maintenance mode when you upgrade a theme or plugin? The feature to disable notification for those I believe is a bit nonsensical as that thwarts a lot of security for the future of the site.

        1. I know you’re right, but if you read my first comment will see that you get a lot more control with any of the plugins I mentioned rather than this one.

          And regarding your last question, OH YES, there are LOTS of people who actually is completely unaware of what’s going on internally or even in the frontend when they click on the upgrade buttons. I host several WP sites and may tell that roughly the 60% of owners with admin rights don’t know -and even don’t care!- what makes WP work.

          That’s why these kind of plugins are showcasing a lot of options to magically administer those, well hidden, black magic for some people, internal settings.

          And obviously, that people surely won’t be reading these kind of blogs & information.

          Good night

  2. mcguinnesspublishingadmin

    OMG this is the scariest plugin I have ever seen, the All Settings allows access to everything – I love it, but am always worried I will break something. This is not for the faint of heart or novices!

  3. OMG this admin tweak plugin is great !! I’m loving it.

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