1. Joan Boluda

    Being a moderator on WordPress TV is a great experience. Not only because it’s a way to give back to the community, but also it’s a great way to learn the best practises on how to create those videos. I run the Barcelona WordPress Meetup, and we were debating about recording the meetups for WordPress TV. Now I’m aware of all the guidelines that we must follow in order to get approved! :)

  2. WordPress.tv is such a nice resource. They should really post all of those videos to YouTube. Quality could also use some uplifting.

  3. I already signed applied to help you out with Videos in German (and English) language so we can soon see all the Videos from WordCamp Hamburg 2014 online. But I am still waiting for a response.

    1. Hi Bernard. I saw your application, and wanted to let you know that we have had so many lately that we are a bit overwhelmed, and still playing catchup! You will get your chance to help, I promise. :)

      1. Hey, no Problem. I mean it is not that I don’t have enough other WP community topic on my todo list :)

  4. Well, there are more than 20 videos in German from the WP Camp 2013 in Berlin that could be uploaded to WordPress-TV (into the WordCamp TV Channel). And if you need help: contact me!

  5. One thing I wanted to add is that we would love to see more use of the captioning tools that are built in to wordpress.tv to add translations to existing videos.

    We have a lot of videos in English, but the flow of videos in other languages is not always constant, so it would be great if we could also translate existing videos by adding captions, so that they can be enjoyed globally.

    If you are at all interested in helping with this effort, you can learn more about how to add captions Again in English) here: http://wordpress.tv/using-amara-org-to-caption-or-subtitle-a -wordpress-tv-video /

    Note: You do not need to be a moderator to add captions. Anyone can submit a translation this way. :)

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