WordPress Trac Gets New Core Components Overview Page for Filtering Tickets

The exciting news today in WordPress core development is a shiny new core/components page that presents an organized overview of open Trac tickets for each component. Nacin announced the new feature today during the #wordpress-dev IRC meeting, which delighted many core contributors in attendance. The page breaks down 34 top-level components with two dozen subcomponents.


When you further navigate to a component page, you’ll see any subcomponents linked at the top, along with a description, and any recent make.wordpress.org blog posts. Below the open ticket summary is a list of tickets with no replies and tickets slated for the next major milestone. At the bottom you’ll find a list of the component’s maintainers.


Trac has been completely reorganized into a few dozen components. The purpose behind the reorganization and the overview page is to help better classify tickets and streamline contributions. Contributors with a particular area of interest are able to instantly drill down to open tickets within that component. Nacin plans to add component-based notifications by the end of the week, so you can subscribe to any components where you have an interest.

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