1. I am really hoping that Automattic doesn’t ship a new theme in WordPress–it will just make it so common that no one will use it again.

    Maybe they should just not ship it with one at all??

  2. @JD Hartley -I could see that being a problem if they shipped it with a new theme that was already existing. But if they add a totally new theme, then even if it becomes cliche overnight, it’s no great loss.

    I’m hoping they drop Classic and Kubrick and ship two new themes with WordPress, a really light framework, and a more finish theme built on that framework. Then the intention is for the themes that ship with it to be merely a starting point, which I think would cause the number of themes to grow.

  3. @JD Hartley – Well, I think it doesn’t matter who makes the theme, if it’s bundled into WordPress people are going to use it as a starting point. That’s just the way it goes.

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