1. @Viper007Bond – Exactly the type of response I was expecting and well deserved :) Funny thing is though, some folks in the forum are stating that the Tattoo does indeed sport the wrong logo.

  2. It looks right, I think maybe just the angle makes it look wrong. I have a hard time with this though, so I don’t know for sure.

  3. The tattoo doesn’t look exactly like either the good or the bad W, but I think that’s because it was done by hand.

    Judging from the serifs, I would have to say it looks most like the good W.

  4. Jim Child

    Looking mostly at it with “tall and graceful” in mind I’d say Ed’s tattoo is closer to the bad than the good. Like Jeff, I note the right uppermost leg-end of the “good” logo curves back to the left leaving a little curvy crook in the “whitespace” to its right. That “whitespace” on the tat is has a completely straight edge against the right side of the W.

    But then, on the plus side: the tat W’s serifs are heavy and blocky. And, while the tat W doesn’t appear to be as tall and graceful as the “good” logo, it does extend a lot higher in the containing circle than the “bad” W.

    Do we know how big the tattoo is? I’d bet that the smaller a tat is the more the tattoo “artist” is forced to simplify design. Little itsy details would tend to bleed (excuse the expression …ouch!) into one another and just get splodgy.

    My final word – vote – would be that we give Ed some kudos for his WP enthusiasm.

    Sorry about the wordiness, but typography and logos get me all hot and bothered.

  5. I think he used the right logo, but the wrong tattooist!

  6. He gave the artist the print out from the official WordPress logo page. Expect some minor distortion with the impact on skin, which he warned us about, but it was based upon the official.

    It’s the stuff around it that I find more interesting than the logo. Have you figured that out yet?

  7. It looks like a bastard child of the right and wrong logo. The caps on the W are supposed to have a curve in them. The blob on the far right is supposed to be larger. Also, the height of the W is wrong. It should be taller. Other than the spacing of the letter in the circle, it looks like the wrong W to me.

  8. I think it’s close enough that we shouldn’t be picky, the guy deserves props after all. Funny that Lorelle didn’t mention to the guy to have it triple checked to be correct before he did it.

  9. I’m with @JLeuze – I think he probably showed the tattoo artist the correct version of the logo (mostly based on the amount of space above the W, which really is the biggest different). The rest of the discrepancies probably come just from innacuracies in the process of transferring it to skin. Not sure if a better artist would have done much better of a job but its clearly not important that it be EXACTLY like the official WP logo, the differences are arbitrary.

    Actually looking at the rest of the tattoo I can’t help thinking maybe he could have found a better artist. He could still do it really, find a serious pro and get the whole thing retouched (or wait till it fades a little and retouch it then to extend its life)

  10. I’d have to go with the artistic license of the tattoo artist being the reason for the look. Personally I think the idea of WordPress Ink is interesting, but the balance of the design being a circuit board(?) doesn’t work for me. Then again, it’s not my skin getting inked.

  11. Looking at the image he gave the guy, he used the OLD logo.

    http://www.bakershours.com/2009/02/my-wordpress-tattoo/ <- Look at the image he created. No roundness to the caps on the W, the W isn’t tall enough, and the blob thing isn’t large enough. It was the old logo! :P Anyways, still really interesting. I’d love to get some tattoos, but the wife won’t let me.

  12. Looking at the low res versions of the logo on WordPress.og, I can see now that he used the right logo. Just lots of lost detail.

  13. Right or wrong logo doesnt really matter: it’s fugly beyond words anyway.

  14. umm.

    @Viper007Bond – I agree 100%, you have too much time on your hands to be analyzing this. But then again so do I for reading this post and the tattoo guy and typing this. :(

  15. Personally I am just amazed at the dedication of this WordPress fan ;) I wouldn’t be brave enough to get a tattoo.

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