1. This looks like a great resource. I hope developers will decide to use this instead of recreating the wheel with UI elements that are usually worse than the ones built into WordPress.

  2. I’ve seen some attempts at something like this previously but honestly other than tearing down some other plugins and seeing how they did the settings page UI… there really hasn’t been a good way for us plugin devs to really know what to do.

    I LOVE that this is happening and that she’s heading it up. If I ever get time away from clients I’m going to look into this plugin to help update my settings page(s).


  3. I’m glad to see the UI documentation getting handled so capably.

    The biggest question I have, as a plugin developer, will be how to integrate custom post/page icons into the admin menu. Right now the actions have an option to add an icon, but I imagine that using fonts will make it a bit more challenging.

  4. It’s a good thing to make all plugins and theme options with the same style guide!

  5. Great idea, some parts of wp-admin HTML are really complex and it takes time to extract them and reuse in plugin, this should save developers a lot of time.

  6. @Frank – Agree. Style guides should be generic like how you have it in your plugin, not “mp6” prefixed. The prefix will simply become another layer to remove once mp6 is polished. If MP6 gets rolled into core, it will no longer be mp6. Why keep the prefix around?

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