1. Hi Sara!

    Check out the WordPress StackExchange link, it’s broken. I think you missed the http:// and now it goes to a 404 of WPtavern :)

  2. Really interesting and worth mentioning imitative, and the current winner QueryPosts looks like something WP developers could find useful.

    BTW. @Sarah, the “WordPress StackExchange” link is broken

  3. Dang, I actually got voted DOWN-twice! Iol

  4. Jonathan Wold

    I’d love to see WPTavern in the list! Add it up?

  5. I love Word Press, however still a simple user. This is the best site ever on many levels, will have to have lessons to optimize all the wonderful usage points,.

    I thank all those who work hard in the background making this site one of the most professional sites to use.

  6. Stack Exchange is the most noob-hostile site I’ve ever visited on the net. Why run ads so you can bring new people in only to tell them they’re stupid and undeserving and delete or close their threads?

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