1. Happy to see bbPress improvements among the projects with a student! Also cool to see the attempt to open source SupportPress in the form of a plugin. For those that don’t know, SupportPress is what is used to manage the plugin queue/review system.

    Also glad to see Janneke Van Dorpe receive the guidance of two great mentors. Hopefully, the work and mentor ship will lead to a possible merging of Front End Editor with WordPress 4.0.

      1. Well, there you go. Based on your comment, it sounds like SupportPress is going the way of BackPress except BackPress is no more. Hope that’s not the end result for the project.

        1. Yeah, SupportPress is actually built on top of BackPress, so the fact that BackPress isn’t maintained anymore is part of the problem.

          I think it’s a similar situation to where bbPress and BuddyPress were before the migrated to being plugins.

  2. awesome projects but the students are so few. Hope to see SupportPress and bbpress improvement. Can I opt in?

    1. You can’t participate in this years GSoC event but you don’t have to be a student to contribute to both projects. Ian’s comment has good information to get started on SupportPress and of course, you can find everything you need to know to contribute to bbPress at

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