1. Bryan Petty

    It actually did pass up 40,000 plugins already, but 11,500 of them have been removed for WP.org violations like security, copyright, GPL, and other reasons.

    I guess you need some count to celebrate though, and the active count is certainly easier to track. For the record though, the 30,000th plugin approved by the WP.org team was actually Google Content Experiments, added back on July 20th, 2012. The 40,000th plugin was WP Justclick, added on December 30th, 2013.

      1. Bryan Petty

        It’s all in the plugins SVN commit history. I track this a little more in depth on pluginmirror.com myself.

        1. So would you say this post is inaccurate? From the perspective of the public, it finally crossed the 30,000 threshold and I counted back the plugins and found the BestWeb one to be the 30,000th plugin.

          I guess it wouldn’t hurt to add your information to the post but it does take the wind out my sails.

          1. Bryan Petty

            Na, I just thought it might be interesting info to point out. Based on the way you’re counting the 30,000th plugin, it’s still possible (but highly unlikely) that more plugins could be removed, and you’d have another 30,000th plugin again – so it’s maybe just not the best way to come up with a definitive answer. :)

          2. dlouwe

            All you’d need to change is making sure to differentiate between “30,000 added” and “30,000 hosted”, since hosted is based on the current total whereas added is cumulative. They’re both valid and memorable milestones, but they’re essentially measuring two different things.

    1. Ted Clayton

      Have you tried this math-maneuver with your bank?

      If a million plugins were added to the Repo … and 970,000 were removed, does that leave us with a million-unit Repo?

      Or 30,000?

  2. Wow 30,000!
    That is a lot of plugins and here I am with 14 / 15 plugins on my sites.

    Always surprises me that people take the time to produce these plugins and let us have them for free and then supply support.

  3. That’s right. I celebrated with a whoop! ;)

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