1. Good job, congratulations. This API will be one of the main reasons to use WordPress 4.

    1. Very cool! Is it ready for people to use now? Do you accept contributions? Did you build it for a certain project or just for fun?

  2. Great article – I was looking for a way to create and modify posts via REST and found your article about the plugin while searching around.

    Unfortunately, when I installed and attempted to activate the plugin, my entire site went down. Any browser I point at http://dazzagreenwood.com/ draws the following error: “Call to undefined function current_action()”. Any thoughts on how best to fit it back up would be much appreciated.


    1. Update: Accessed the plugin directory directly on the server and just moved the entire json-rest-api plugin to a safe place… site is working now.

      1. Dazza, did you ever find out what was causing this? I’m running into the same problem. One thing I’m wondering about is whether the call to current_action() needs to be given context in some way – most of the times I see it referenced is in the format of “$wp_list_table->current_action();” rather than simply “current_action();”

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